U.S. Manufacturing

Fiberdyne Labs' ISO Certification Logo Fiberdyne Labs' main manufacturing facility is centrally located in Upstate New York, serving corporate, state and federal customers since 1992. We are an ISO 9001: 2008 quality certified organization and are always focused on our processes in order to continually improve both quality and customer satisfaction.

The Fiberdyne Energy Division is dedicated to creating products used in LED signs, video walls, and SSL lighting. We're proud to be one of the few manufacturers to still offer a high quality, 100% US-made, LED display. We design, manufacture, assemble, test, sell, lease, rent, install, create content for and service our displays - all under one roof.

Fiberdyne's Wave Soldering Machine in action Fiberdyne's Quality Control Personnel Fiberdyne Factory Floor The high resolution 16mm displays that show compelling video, text, and graphics to grab your attention start in the LED diode insertion area of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Here they are picked and inserted into our own circuit boards by robotic arms and then run through a wave soldering machine. They are then tested for product performance by our certified quality control personnel. The modules are then potted (immersed in silicone) on one side and receive a conformal coating on the other to make them waterproof. We then immerse them in water and test their performance UNDER water - all part of the QA process that assures our customers a durable product. The modules are then brought to the assembly line where they are married with Fiberdyne's custom made cabling, housing and electronics. Each finished cabinet is then placed outside for further quality testing before it is shipped or installed by our professional FE certified installation team.

Custom Products

LED signs can be interactive, static, and mobile. Fiberdyne Labs' engineering department will design and build them to your specifications.
Fiberdyne Factory Floor Fiberdyne Factory Floor Fiberdyne Factory Floor