LED Sign Sports Scoreboard

More than just a scoreboard!
Fiberdyne Labs offers a dynamic solution to the standard run of the mill scoreboard. With the ability to play video, graphics and instant replays, fans will be treated to an interactive experience that would be impossible with traditional scoreboards. The best part is, when the sports season ends your LED Sign Sports Scoreboard can be used as a message center to display announcements and fun messages for the students and staff of your school!
Score Your Games Like the Pros! Available Scoreboards include:
       Basketball, Volleyball, Multisport, Futsal, Hockey/Lacrosse, Football and Baseball.
       Scoreboard Size is 10ft x 20ft 10mm
       Custom Sizes are available
       Optional Scoreboard Header available


  • Customizable - team names, logos, colors, and more
  • Easy to use - be score keeping in minutes
  • Inexpensive - less expensive to buy and maintain than traditional electronic scoreboards
  • Sport specific - scoring for each sport and level
  • Reuse your display/PC - use same display and PC for multiple sports


  • Key Settings
  • Color Settings
  • Team Settings
  • Media Settings
  • Media Settings
  • Text Settings
  • Other Settings
  • Score Banner Colors
  • Score Banner Display
  • Web Remote
  • Play Video, Graphics and Instant Replays


  • Game clock
  • Timeout
  • Play clock
  • Scores
  • Team Names
  • Team logos
  • Quarter/Period
  • Possession
  • TOL Down
  • To Go
  • Ball On
  • Additional picture
  • Event/venue title
  • Video player