Stage LED Video Screen

20mm pitch, Stage LED Video Screen Stage LED Video Screen

The Edison Displays© FI-series of stage LED video screens provide a rugged modular LED system in combination with low maintenance requirements, resulting in an exceptionally low total cost of ownership. The Edison Displays© FI-series of stage LED video screens deliver an excellent balance between brightness, color and contrast. With a flexible modular construction and a lighter weight than similar products, the Edison Displays© FI-series of stage LED video displays deliver a perfect fit for demanding theatrical performances, rental, and staging of events.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular construction allows any shape and size
  • Highly transparent design while ensuring clear video display, making it perfect for stage use.
  • Fan less design greatly reduces power consumption – up to 70% lower than standard models.
  • Lightweight cabinet design allows large displays while staying under the weight limit of the stage.
  • Quick assembly and dismantling of the display thanks to the lightweight panel, quick side lock and data/power connectors and snap-on kingpin connectors.

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20mm LED Cabinet Diagram

Edison Displays© 20mm Series

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